Echoes From The Past Testo

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Testo Echoes From The Past

(music: Annatar, lyrics: M. v.d. Hout)

Our love would last forever and ever.
I tell you now...
Forever seems to have passed by.

Nothing would take us apart, never...
still it came, somehow...
(I) cannot say how, (I) cannot see why.
Our fate was sealed by an unknown force.
Our love was meant to be.
Although we were driven apart,
we'll always be together in my mind.

And all is lost, it can't be undone.
now I find myself in a dark hole of despair.
But as I fall, a new hope shines on me...

Was it really me, or could we never be...
Sometimes I feel,
like an echo from the past, slowly passing by...

As I look inside my memories,
and what do I see?
Echoes coming back for me...