Artfull Dodgers Vs. Aslaam Mahdi Testo

Testo Artfull Dodgers Vs. Aslaam Mahdi


They call me Daddy Long Fingers
Hit ya like a ringer
Round the neck slinger
Excuse me while I linger
Through the room
Too many drinks I've consumed
Smelling like perfume
Twelve chicks on my broom
Which way do I go
Tally ho
The lead is running low
In my number two pencil
Rappers are like stencil
Styles is traced
Around the outside
Of anothers own space


It's the A-R-T-F-U-double L
D-O-D-G-E-R-S yes
Next on agenda
Build the momentum
Leave no momento
Rise like crescendo
I'm butter when I'm uttering
Shining when I'm rhyming in
Blazing when amazing em
Simply the best
Take your vitamin and minerals
The critical pivitol
The baddest individual
Simply the best