Bring 'Em Back Alive Testo

Testo Bring 'Em Back Alive

I was on my way to the center of the sunWhe I lost my wings and I fell into a crowdAnd they carried me to the hole in the groundAnd they buried meWhere no one could seeAnd no one would be aroundI am a virus, I live in silenceI was on my way to a city in the cloudsWhen I lost my mind and I had to settle downThe I had a dream of an island in the seaWhere the lepers dieWhere no one survivesAnd no one can hear the criesI am a virus, I live in silenceAnd just like the heathens thinkingOn our feet we believe in GodAnd with one step, two stepsThree steps toward the graveyardOn the high road to rememberingIt seems that we forgotI am a virus, I live in silence