Hold On Testo

Testo Hold On

(Hold on, hold on, hold on...)You've always been a tough girlBut you feel you're about to breakYou're feeling stuckAnd outta luckWhat's in your dreams will slip awayBeen working mornings in the kitchenBeen working nights at the corner storeAs your life flies byYou wonder whyAnd you know that there's gotta be something more(Chorus)Hold on, but don't hold too tightLet go, you're gonna be all rightDon't run away from what your heart is saying, ohBe strong, face what you're afraid ofCome on, show 'em what you're made ofI know its hard when your hope is goneBut you gotta keep holding onYou hear a voice that's callinAnd it's tellin you to make a changeIt's time to fly and say good-byeAnd move on to a better placeYou know you gotta take the first stepTo get to where you wanna beJust get on trackAnd don't look backCuz it's the only way that you're gonna be freeChorusHold onYou're gonna make itYou're gonna be strongerHold onHang in there babyJust a little bit longerHold onYeah, you're gonna be fineDon't give up, be strongWhen the going gets toughYou gotta hold onChorusx2