Breathe Testo

Testo Breathe

(ahh' he he he he hey' just breathe (ha),
Just breathe (ee hee hee hee hee),just
Breathe (hee hee hee hee),just breathe
(breathing sounds) (breath),just breathe
(breathe),just breathe (breathe),just breathe
(breathe),just breathe (hey hey hey hey hey),
Just breathe,just breathe,just breathe (oh
Baby),just breathe (oooooooh),just breathe,
Just breathee,just breathe)
I am not a regular microphone controller
I was in the womb with this,now I'm seconds
Hey hey hey hey
You busy comparin'me,like I need
How you gonna fuck with this,can't live in the
Air I'm in
Hey hey hey hey

People,can you feel me now' know feelin
Gotch yow
I am just a messenger bringin ya somethin
Very fertile
Hey hey hey hey
Yo! I am your president,yup and your future
The epitome of womanhood,just the one
To suit cha
Hey hey hey hey
I came to the stage with the doom doom
Motivated by the light,sight,and the
Think about it all the time,so it's comin'
Got a couple master teachers say I reach I
Reached the half of me
So I be workin'on me happily cuz there's
A mission
And the planet is positioned,hopin',and
Prayin',and wishin'(wishin',wishin',wishin',
Hey hey hey hey
Take a long walk sip some lemonade
Take your clothes off
Relax in the shade
Just breeeaaattthhhe'