High On Kush Testo

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Testo High On Kush

I'm the principle doctor Green, tell the rest of liars
I'm the one with the prescriptions that get's you higher
Got every type of wide that you might desire
Go ahead and dig it up, maybe you a dead inspire
Any time you play I can save you
I can took you to paper just as long you share to all your neighbour
Some like the sound and beat, until this west cost paper
On the West coast cuz we all know the kuch is cool
Some of ya'll smoke anything but me I'm pichy
I through it away but you probably see what is green it's sticky
No stress, no bush, I'mma cush in the bush
When the harvards put the key on the back
Like the ninety cush
All over the world in case you wander
I smoke everywhere around me the wired hunter
No but there's a better life we do it stunlly
Ask when I'mma beat cuz they alwayse tell me that
I, I get so high, high, high, high
I, I get so high, high, high, high
Caughting all kings and down be with thoughts
Snoop Dog get drunk, I'm doubt with thoughts
Chink, chank tongues get down with thoughts
But the DEA, thye be get like nuts
On the hard time cuple you might see up
Taking hits from the bong wiht the ight betwen
Take hits and get songs and I got all done
Hit it one good time, your mind need to me open
You're eyes get ready and your mind goes wild
Give one more and supply all that
Ready and set let's gte gone, I set how high
Let's get high enough to touch guard and kiss the sky
Got some hard baller but I think I got what you need
I got the prof bout that and I'm ready to beat
So fallow my league I got my kids to bring
Every day life from the wripper king
High, high to the sky
I, I get so high, high, high, high
Man that shit is good as hell dog, I'm Jamal
Say you try to get something to ball down to that town
Yeap I think if I'll study hard I'll take the test high, get hard school
Be carefull there Jamal
Is it heavy ans stuck man?
But you'll told me your way?
That I smoke since I was born man and o can smoke anything
I smoke all, I smoke that tasky to get on
Tight stuck yeah you know that nothing with that stick
I, I get so high, high, high, high
High, high to the sky
I, I get so high, high, high, high