Whammy Kiss Testo

Testo Whammy Kiss

[SPONSOR] I need a refueling I need your kiss Come on now and Plant it on my lips Whammy kiss me Whammy hug Revitalize me Give me whammy love Yeah! On Planet X-oh it Won't be long now I got a light year to Get to the phone now I'm gonna contact you When I get home Give it all you got Give it all to me Come on mammy and Throw me that whammy I said give it all you got Give it all to me Come on mammy, throw Me that whammy And I know I need That whammy kiss Whatever you do I'm just passing the Time to get to you To pass the time with you He cannot stand to Go into work when he Needs some whammy love Whammy You gotta use it right Use it right now I ain't foolin' Give me a refuelin' Yeah, whammy kiss me Whammy hug Come on mammy throw Me that whammy