Horny Testo

Testo Horny

[Verse 1:]
I called you up for some sexual healin'
I'm hard again so baby come get it
Bring the lotion so I can rub ya
Assume the position so I can f*** ya
All night long til you scream and moan
Cut off ya pager
Unplug the phone
Don't say a word just let me work it
I promise baby that I won't hurt it
I know u need on nice and one nice and strong
So I refuse to let u go home

I think I'm gettin' kinda horny
And I like it baby
I think I'm gettin' kinda horny
And I want cha baby
I think I'm gettin' kinda horny
And I like it baby
I think I'm gettin kinda horny

[Verse 2:]
Now take of ya clothes and come ta me
Open ya legs now *** fa me
Let me be your fantasy
I know the size is hard ta believe
But it ain't the size that really counts
It's the way you move and make that sound
Oooh ahhh oooh ohh ayyy ayyyyyy
Now just like that girl ya got me goin'
Please don't stop girl keep on strokin'
Girl you make love like your much older
The kind of love that makes ya man toes roll up
But don't you trip off what I'm sayin'
Cause tonite girl I'm not playin


Would it be alright if I kissed your lips
Run my hands through your hair and caress your finger tips
Look you str8 in the eyes
Tell you words of passion
Make you feel every inch cause this is everlasting
Take off ya clothes let you put on my sweatshirt
Take a step back look and say yeah that'll work
Lay you on the bed while I zip snap ya bra
Let ya hands explore til I get hard as a rock
Then I'll go and get the honey and pour it all over you
Take my lips and {kiss} where ever you want me to
Then after that I'll have you callin' my name
It won't be funny baby come over I'm fellin' horny

[Bridge 2:]
Let me please you
All nite long
In the afternoon
In the basement
In the back seat
In the kitchen
On the table
In the studio
On the couch
In the uhh carwash