Protect Your Neckline Testo

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Testo Protect Your Neckline

That's right.
I'm goin all the way to the top
Fa sho nigga.

[Verse 1]

This is a routine 2-11
play your role
juss cooperate, help us reach this short term goal
our fate lies in your safe clerk, please unlock it
Nyquill, won't help us sleep another night, wit an empty pocket
losin my marbles, Lord please stop it
once upon a crime I Flow-9 to make a profit
and one day
did ya think a trip to be a fade
would get me a maid moppin marble floors in Monteray
betray me, degrade me
we'll see what happens
you sit, you won't survive my reactions
I profit from the
passion from bakin halfs an quarters
Fed Ex'ed to my cornas from across the border, uh
Is it a Datsun or Toyota?
My get away car stay far from my Jona
I'm solid two soldier
my troops they
dyin sad
Timbo boots go oops upside yo head
first the slang in the rap game became my second language
groom the truth wit the triumph an anguish
mutha fuckas take they best shot but they miss me
playa hatas hide on steps so they can trip me.

[Chorus x2: B.A.]

Don't be afriad boy, it's too late
it's, rilla than rhymes
I thought I told ya boy it's check out time
you wanted Rame to shine
ya neckline is all mine (all mine)
this time again we play to win guilty as sin.

[Verse 2]

They got the weed spots
scoldin hot
in the discrepency
calls the shots (the shots)
you underestimate ya doom
get served proper
rusted brass knuckles in my highschool locker
laced wit sacred fundamentals of connivin
strapped under the seat of every vehicle I ride in
witness me
watch me
break the monotany
real niggas shall prevail
we do the ridin G
sacrifice my flesh wit Satin before you kill me
spread my blood over wax let the world feel me
Got a dubb of dope?
Nope, I got a dime though
good an bad playas, tug-a-war wit my mind flow
I'm sick an tired
of bein sick an tired
the white coffee on the dash
for the sake I fold the cash
I be the last recuite
in the M.O.B.
wise guys wit them nice ties can ya feel me?

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 3]

We got the block locked
it's all official
show up in Ginzu
calla potential
4 deep in the rental
smash the gas the story's often told as ficticious
I started from half a jack to accumulate my soul wit riches
look how we livin
everyday is Thanksgiving
for what I believed in
we all grinnin
no offerin
juss straight up chillin
we all kin
this life of sin what ever the cost is of quittin
until I'm finished my goal is set til the day it was mentioned like Christ
is written
it's documented
this one nation under the Mobb
this shit is critical
kill off like a chemical
wit every syllabl
can't violate, sinilate mics
peep my reaction
we livin life right
this life is satisfaction
myself seein the light
so where I wanna be
my heart covered in gold
smuther me in all the bubbly if now she goes
til then it's on
a weed addict searchin for pleasure
my graduation was the placement on your radio station
my songs solidify wit your soul
the Gin an Mystic keep me tipsy when I'm ridin a Rolls
wit all control
fluxuate my talent wit gallons
you playa hatas want me out, place ya ballots.
(ballots, ballots, ballots, ballots, ballots, ballots)

[Chorus x2]