Problems Testo

Testo Problems

The only thing
right in front of your face
grab on and dont let it
no matter what, dont let it go to waste
ur all i have all i need
whatever we go thru
we go thru as one, as a pair
as together, me and you

and if my problems
dont suit ur problems
we'll make the problems go away
and if my problems
face outward toward the world
ill grab them n throw them all away

something happened
once we were standing
were you just about to fall
or was i landing too low?
coz u seemed to kno
everything i didnt want to
figure out for myself u figured
all of it out for me, i guess
you were also the one holdin the trigger...


shine the light, break the fire
all we have is our desire
so hold onto it like u hold onto life
just let it fall, and break the ice
correct me if im wrong
you are all i wanted all the time
we go as one, as a pair
as together, me and you