Ice Cold Testo

Testo Ice Cold

[Baby] Ladies and Gentlemen, this young man is the author of the book Pimps are people too He is also the president of guns, bitches, and automobiles He also controls all the seafood trade He got, the skrimps, the lobsters, the primes The selmon, the little selmon, the big selmen The sardines, the cardads, and all that Ladies and gentlemen, put your hands together and give a warm welcome To Jay fizzle, my nizzle, fo shizzle (Turn up J. Fizzle's microphone) [Jazze Pha - in backround] Tell me why, why, is it soo That I'm soo-oh, ice cold (ice cold) Tell me why, why, is it soo That I'm soo-oh, ice cold [Verse 1] [Baby] Stunner and T Kizzie, thats so icey Mommy gave me rangs on the back of my bikey I got the mink coat for wifey, wifey Icey icey, my wifey wifey [TQ] They should have named me Dr. Freeze Cause I'm the coldest nigga y'all done seen The day that rap met r&b Got the birdman, Jazze, and me [Baby] Ay, ay, see I'm so icey, my life so cool So so icey, the boys a fool Ice from iceman, I ice my boo Iced all over, from my head to her shoe [TQ] Ice in the mail from Jacob boo I got a million dollar prala seat behind ya too It's million dollar mob thats behind me boo Now watch what the fuck I do (Wipe em down, wipe em down, biatch) [Chorus - Jazze Pha] Tell me why, why, (whyyy) is it soo (is it soo) That I'm soo-oh, ice cold (so ice cold) Tell me why, why, is it soo, (tell me whyyy) soo That I'm soo-oh, ice cold [Verse 2] [Baby] Ay, ay, T Kizzie, r&b round I put ice on my mom, and my sister too It's mister icey icey, in the burgendy coupe [TQ] I'd ice my grand-daddy, if he still was here On the white-wall tires, with them white-wall rims [Baby] The million dollar ice, ice pumped up boots I got ice all over, with the million dollar shoes [TQ] Look at iced up dro back, iced up me Watch #18 as he kill the cit-ty [Baby] Put ice on my benz, on the 20 inch rims And I ice my lens with the burberry tims I got ice on my wrist, too cold to melt Pinky ring, icey icey, in a bird nest [TQ] I'm from the ice clique, we unexplainably rich Whole lot of hits, whole lot of chips C-O the birdman, whole lot of bricks Put it all together, thats a whole lot of shit [Chrous - Jazze Pha] [Verse 3] [Baby] Ay, ay, T Kizzie, big pimpin I got million dollar game, with as fly as freak Princess, bigness, ice on my teeth Round shape, we shape, my shit is a fool I got 15 karats, icey ice my boo [TQ] Went to the corner, you can see me I'm in the ice cold six four, smokin dro Ballin nice and e-z, ss that I bought from fresh With the Cali license plate that read L.A. is best [Baby] Big Wop is iced out, and Ceedi iced out Tiny-toe, big g, my rounds iced out And Exey icey hot, and busy is too We get money, spit ice, and wear gucci suits [TQ] Let me tell you bout what we are, is what we are Ice cold money makin, see ya marra And we gon keep ballin til they close the bar And do the same damn thing tomarra Oh yeah, oh yeah [Chorus - Jazze pha] Fo sho nigga, y'all know who want this ice shit For this game nigga, it ain't no secret See ya morra for life nigga My whole crew shinnin nigga Busy, birdman, third world magnolia, biatch Say T Queezie, your too hot for me pimpin See you stunnin, and you talk enough shit to make a cripple man walk I'm a tell you like this dog See Jimmy you holdin down back there nigga, keep your head up Say Elton, you still one of the hottest niggas out there nigga You aint front at all nigga, keep ya head up, biatch My brothers in this shit ya heard me, biatch, biatch Brrrrrrrrrrrrr, brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Birdcall motherfucker, birdcall motherfucker