Hoo Doos Testo

Testo Hoo Doos

[Chorus]Now we be swangin in themHoo Doos, hte Hoo DoosBody bangin in themHoo Doos, the Hoo DoosSuper stangin in themHoo Doos, the Hoo DoosThey dont know about themHoo Doos, the Hoo Doos5-speedin in themHoo Doos, the Hoo DoosBlowin trees in themHoo Doos, the Hoo DoosChoppin keys in themHoo Doos, the Hoo DoosSideways in themHoo Doos, the Hoo Doos[Verse 1]Now this is to them grain grippin groopiesI'm swangin these hooptiesLike I'm paint sniffin pill poppinOff group feed, 3 Firestone spare tiresRound loosely, doin donuts whilethe police on duty, OOH WEE!Like I told you beforeThrow a bowl, let 'em know you aint a 3-0-4I need a bud change, and I need knew shocksI give a FUCK! I'm still bleedin the block!Cops done pulled me over, they think I'm so brokeBut boy, if they could know how much dank I smokeI'm spittin venom in they khakiAnd them I'ma swingin sideways...I king a fool, I'm a nut on the highway![Chorus 1.5x][Verse 2]Now I be swangin with themNegros and Gringos, fly ass latinosPhilipinos, island boys and crazy ass ChinosSingles and couples, my seatbelts never buckledBurnin more rubber than a Trojan, I'm holdin!My steering wheel tightlyLefties and rightiesJealous wanna fight meBut I throw these things so nicelyPrecisely, I'm sheistySmashin in a ChryslerPaint job primin with no screens on my visorBut you can still hear my beatFrom way down the streetCuz my system keeps bumpinI go down with heatSo what the hell I be thinkin?Drivin while I'm drinkinSmokin up hoods with my friendsIn the Lincoln![Chorus][Verse 3]Well its that dude againDrinkin booze againHe aint trippin, doin donutsBout to lose a rimGot hella fools with himThe whole crews with himSPM, Happy P, Ike, Boo and them!So be cool with themSip a brew with themFire up some of that zoo loo with themKamakaze on the posseAct a fool watch meI'ma bend a corner in an old school jalopy[Chorus 2x]