Mad Jack Testo

Testo Mad Jack

Now this is a story I swear it's true All about Mad Jack and Argungu Mad Jack was nobody's fool Sittin' in back keepin' cool The kids ran out as Jack passed by Throwin' mints with a twinkle in his eye (Chorus:) Keep on truckin', ridin' on thru Keep on Heading-Argungu Kept his wheels an' he kept his head Kept his tiger, black, white and red Black, white and red, that's what I said He kept his tiger, black, white and red The crowds all cheered at his strange machine Flashing thru the bush with his racing team With his map and his tiger in the back Argungu Jack was the first one back (Chorus) Now I'll tell the tale it really is true All about Mad Jack and Argungu Four days, three nights thru bush and trees Boulders and rocks, Mad Jack and his crew Beat the lot to Argungu The Flying Dutchman, the Flying Scot And Snob Goblin eighteen tried all they'd got Making way for no one, they just had to win To beat Mad Jack, his friends and crew And be the first to Argungu Thirteen vehicles died the very first day And a poor old donkey flew away And an eagle and umpteen goats And various quadrupeds met their match Meeting man-made metal monsters It just didn't do They couldn't beat Jack to Argungu Bomber Bombadini went backwards up a tree How he got there it's a mystery to me The Flying Dutchman, the Scot and eighteen Got stuck in the sand and when they got free Went three ways thru a village Chasing me to Argungu Thru the hot hazy Hamatan And the cold windy nights The remaining few madmen blazed their lights And I lost a wheel I would've won, too But where others had failed Mad Jack he came thru He kept his wheels and he kept his head And he kept his tiger, black, white and red And to my great surprise Mad Jack and his crew Took the prize at Argungu The tiger as it happens Was a lion