The Ravening Testo

Testo The Ravening

Black Legions ravening for blood, Dark Lords hearken to my call, Warriors rise forth from the earth, Battle-spells empower me, The Throne of Kings, the summoning, Marble halls sunk 'neath the waves, Storm-wolves a prowl (beneath) the ebon moon, Immortal hordes, pledge me thine steel! The clarion call of battle sounds, Iron gleams in baleful flame, Slaughter shines from misted eyes, Storm-forged blade drink deep. Stench of carnage fires my blood, My bride of steel sings in my hand, Corpse-mounds piled ot touch the sky, Black fury enshroud me! Bleed for the gods of war! Flesh to sate the worms! By this sword I rule! Dreadful fall of slaughter, Raw scent of fresh-spilled blood, Crimson rain falls from the sky, Ravens ride the storm. Black cloud of arrows, red storm of swords, Dark wave of carnage... slaughterfall! By blood and steel I rule!