The Sorry Note Testo

Testo The Sorry Note

So tell me what's the worst
thing you have done
the treacherous felony
hid from the sun
It's all thats haunted you
since first you learned the truth

I feel so criminal
in my own skin
caught in the act of
a delicate sin
and I was just a boy
but man, thats no excuse
and now,
I cant sleep a wink without thinking (a)bout it
The white, fluffy
smoking cloud I produced
along with abuse of the most wonderful gift
I wish I could stop thinking of it,
and I guess this is the thing
I'm trying to say I'm Sorry

Now it's 2 A.M
I think it's getting late
worry about this tomorrow
I'm staying up late at night
writing my sorry note
To a deceased armadillo
But I think it's important
cause God knows I still regret it