Break Through Testo

Testo Break Through

Is there anything you want in me to hold?
Let me remind you,
You won't find a safer place to go,
Can I remind you?
Nothing you can say could turn me away,
So you don't need to lie about it,
Everywhere you've been, has come today

I'll be you one and your only,
And then when your face seems down,
Say goodbye to the loneliness,
Because I'm gonna stick around,
You can try to fight me,
But it's a fight you're gonna lose,
I wanna be everything,
So tell me what I gotta do,
I wanna breakthrough to you
I wanna breakthrough to you

Why, do you push and pull away?
When I'm beside you,
I only wanna make your day,
A little bit brighter,
And if I'm in your way, just let me know,
I never wanna be a problem,
You shouldn't have to face another night alone

I don't wanna leave and you'll be on your own,
You don't have to stay but you don't have to go,
You shouldn't have to think about it,
And you don't need to stress about it, at all

I wanna breakthrough to you [Repeat: x3]


I wanna break through