Zero Chance Testo

Testo Zero Chance

I ain't your prom queen I aint the one u need I aint some lil ball of clay u can mold In the palm of ur hand I dont need protection Or for u to hold my hand Or u to stick up for me just cuz u can I can do it myself I can be just a little bit Of a little bitch when i want 2 I can be that Lil bitch to you U know that u Don't appreciate dont want me So why u actin Like u really do? Cuz i'll feel what i want to Do what i gotta do Say what i mean So no to you Why are u trippin What r u sippin If u think We?d be good I?ll never call ur cell Make u hurt like hell Not really care about what u do Piss u off so bad Get u really mad I hear opposites attract But not in this case I aint ur type U know i'm right So stop playin Ur foolin urself Don't wanna end it Lose our good friendship But we ain't meant to be