Slogan Testo

Testo Slogan

(musica: V. Nocenzi / testo: F. Di Giacomo, V. Nocenzi)

(english lyrics by : Angelo Branduardi)

I direct the hunt

Wherever I set free the hares
They well know where to go

And the people
Move on their way all together

It does not matter
How many will fall down and die

Everyone must serve
I will say to

Those who whould like to look backwards
We can't stop now

By now too many are dead
I have even used my father

With his very ancient hands
Thus I trampled on all my regrets

And realized the strenght of my convictions
Like a trenzied albatross
You only seek your flying space
But I've torn up my wings and feathers

To breathe the earth will all the others
I cannot accept all of your problems

They are but small thoughts And yours alone