Sweet Tea Testo

Testo Sweet Tea

Coming back like this feels empty
I feel like the air in a glass
To swim down to her could drown me
Though it's half empty, and she's down there waving at me
Stop the van, I wanna get out
It feels wrong to be speeding through
Stop the van, we're in the homeland
And I need a moment:
I wanna feel the dry grass crumble
Between my fingers into dust so fine
Feel the wind that leaves the corpse bare:
Brittle bones, brittle heart, brittle mind

Cresting the Ozark mountains
And there's no time to stop by
We're making a beeline for Austin
A few weeks driftin'
Stay lifted
I can't take the comedown
I feel her presence everywhere
But she's nowhere in view
I wanna come back here alone
Take a moment or two:
I'm drinking deep of that sweet tea
On her porch in a parallel time
I wanna try to solve the mystery of
Brittle bones, brittle heart, brittle mind