Immanuel Testo

Testo Immanuel

Lift up your eyes and see the riches of the all-sufficient King seated in glory
See his scepter that stretches the expanse of unmeasured space
Hear Him who holds all things together declare "all things are mine without exception"
See the curiosity of the cosmos as Christ condescends to His most cherished creatures
See the astonishment of angels as the Almighty advances towards Earth
See the humility of the pre-existent King born of a virgin birth
The Infinite becomes infant, the Maker becomes man
The divine becomes despised and the Christ is crucified
The Author of all creation cursed upon the tree that He himself spoke into being
And the Lord of life was laid in the tomb but the grave could not contain Him and so the Son of Man was raised to life
But why?
To draw near, to pierce our greatest fear
To shed satisfying blood on our behalf
To give back the life we were meant to have
To enjoy, to hear, to adore, to taste
And to look with peace upon our Savior's face
And to embrace Him with an undying faith
To interpose all His worthiness into us
And serve the most unworthy and undeserving
He is our God and we are mere men made by Him
We are not like Him but he loves us and moves among us
The great uncreated and the created no longer separated
He is Immanuel, God with us