Graduation Testo

Testo Graduation

It's fire

Huh, as we go on, we remember
All the times we spent together (Ooh, wow)
As our lives change (Ooh, wow) from whatever
We will still be (We will still) friends forever

First off, tell the girl in my math class: I'm rich
And you broke, bitch, I had the last laugh
And to the dumb nigga in my science lab
How'd it feel when we fucked and you caught the jab?
Man, fuck prom, fuck the teacher that was always talkin' on the intercom
And fuck the student that we thought was always gon' bring in a bomb
And all of the girls wild, them bitches was too foul
They all on my dick now

Huh, as we go on (As we go on) we remember (We remember)
All the times we (All the times) spent together (Ooh, wow)
As our lives change (Ooh, wow) from whatever
We will still be (We will still be) friends forever

I'm information leaker, had a crush on one of my teachers
Used to fantasize, makin' love with her behind the bleachers
And to all the people who ain't like me, I ain't like me either
Half my class was havin' kids, guess we had that jungle fever, uh
I was waitin' for my graduation, growin' impatient
What I didn't know was that this grown up world (This grown up world)
Was just school in a blown up world (This blown up world)
There's still gossip, there's still drama, there's still problems
There's a right and there's a wrong
There still people that I think won't love me 'til I'm gone
Lowkey miss the days walkin' 'round in my school halls
But now I got a bigger job, the world screamin' my songs

Huh, as we go on (As we go on) we remember (We remember)
All the times we (All the times) spent together (We were close)
As our lives change (As we change) from whatever (We know)
We will still be friends forever (Atleast 'til the end)

Lauren is such a bitch (I know, right?)
I don't even understand why guys like her, she's not even cute
She's not even pretty
Have you seen how much make-up she wears?
And by the way she Facetunes her pictures so much
I honestly think she bought her followers
She barely gets any likes any way (Mmm, she's honestly kinda sad)
And you wanna' know the craziest part about all of it? (What?)
She doesn't even have any idea her's boyfriend's been cheatin' on her this entire time (Huuh!)