Wizard Testo

Testo Wizard

Where the rainbow meets the sky In the mountains, so gleaming so high There, the wizard spoke his rhymes Calling back the ancient times When magic has rules Over earth, sea and air Damned for years in his den Chasing forces in this lonesome hidden glen The black power he has never served before Shadowed him forevermore In the village near by A lady spreads her beauty like a butterfly Her golden hair is blowing in the wind Dreaming of the wizard's fate And the crystal ball shows salvation so soon When wolves are howling at the moon To break the spell and sing the tune She's finding out the secrets full of taunting lies Hidden in the night time skies With white magic she allies She came to touch the wizard's magic wand To break the spell that frees him from his cell The good power always will reveal The stones they've been throwing In that winter's snowing The chants will be flowing Again in fairyland Then, magic has won And you'll be the one To spread the wizard's tale The wizard The wizard The wizard Just spread the wizard's tale