Faded Testo

Testo Faded

A million
I'm like really stoned
Like really stoned!

[Verse: Berner]
Hundred thousand dollar days got ya boy in a daze
I'm a California king, OG, no haze
I'm looking out my rear view like Pac said
Cash another cheque, let em' worry bout' that nonsense (fuck shit)
My crew breeds strains that got the whole world like
Cookin' more Cookies, still get two per light
Whatcha' girl like? I'm in a S-Class
Wax room look just like a meth lab
I done made two mill of off extracts
B-Real, let them know where the best at (down in Cali!)
Quarter mill for a field is this real?
Do they really get down when I yield from the hill
Got me straight for a couple, I ain't worry bout' a deal
Two dabs and I got 40 bags sealed
Ice for the bong, so my smoke is chilled
Shit, I burnt my first joint to Cypress Hill, for real

[Hook: Vital]
I'm so faded, a million, a million, a million
I'm so faded, a million, a million, a million
I'm so faded

[Bridge: Vital]
I've been in space before one time
And I swear that I was not dreamin'
No I was not dreamin' - I'm so faded
I've been in spaceships once or twice
And I swear that I was not dreamin'
Cuz' I was not sleepin' - I'm so faded

[Verse 2: B-Real]
One strain, two strains, three strains, four
So many flavours, Berner brought em' through the door
Kush n' Cookies for ya, we ain't no rookies for ya
But we've been lookin' for ya title, and took it from ya
We move pounds all around town, over/underground
How we did it is none of your concern, now
I can't concentrate, I hit some concentrates
And we about to get, higher as we elevate
One thousand lumen watts
Times 20 bitches tannin' by the 10's we got
Everything on lock, were on some get money, money, shit
Put it in the air, use a Phuncky Feel Tip
So as we grind it up, green thumb, wind it up
You want a new strain? Berner gonna find the Cup
You want a pound or two, you want a count a few
Put em' in buckets, when we're done you wanna zone or two

[Chorus: Vital]

[Verse 3: Snoop Dogg]
A cup of liquor with some Swishas, I'm so sweet
This shit I'm blowin' make Bo Peep move four feet
OG, sprinkle keif leaf on mine
This watermelon make you wanna eat the rind
East of Vine, Sunset Boulevard
Roll it up, take a hit, but don't pull it too hard
I seen a lot of fools ball out
They try and join the Snoop Dogg smoke session, then fall out
I spent a million on bud in 1992
And now I get it for free, like I'm supposed to
Chose my venda', open my winda'
Pull some kush lit out with hash, in the blunt and I blend them
Rewind cha', remain, and rememba'
Cause I'm choppin' and droppin' trees, screamin' out timber!
Advocate, always push dro
One of the reasons my face is on Mount Kushmore
And you wanna know how I feel?

[Chorus: Vital]