There And Back Testo

Testo There And Back

I've just returned from a long round tripMany tales I have to tellNow I don't get highso you think I'm not hipBut I've seen the gates of HellHow can a youth rise above all the shitWhen surroundedby such lousy influence?He clutched the pipe, took his last hitAnd nobody's heard from him sinceChorus:In this world of confusionDrugs were my solutionThe pain was breaking my heartI shut out my realityNearing my fatalityfound myself falling apartMiserable, horrible, life such an obstacleMaking my own matters worseTo end up dead in a dark alleywayOr to ride in the back of a hearseTo die for a cause like pride or respectOr honor would make you quite worthyA pitiful waste to live in the sewerAnd die before you reach thirtyChorus (4X)Cop a bag as a crutchcopping out, lose so muchhangin' out, dippin' buttsLost my mind smoking dustThere and backBack in the days I was living a lieToo cool to show my feelingstoo cool to cryLost in a fog and unsure of my friendsWith a one way ticketheaded straight for the endAs the flames burnt the ropeand my spirit cut looseI found my self wrappedin an emotional nooseI said to myself continue no longerToday I face the world with a mindthat is strongerSpent my time gettin' niceI crapped out rolling diceLook at me and my scarsNow I live pure and hardThere and back (4X)