Ovule Testo

Testo Ovule

I have placed a glass egg, above us floating
An oval ovule in a dark blood red void
Carries our digital selves, embracing and kissing

My skin-mud dense by you, I anchor our darks
I anchor our darks
Sleep with one eye open, watching our sub-selves

The keel of our ship, these obstacles are just teaching us
So we can merge even deeper into our own personal mineral
Fuse alloy, ship ahoy

The hostility a broken heart endures
The velocity of that injury is returned to thе world
With the same grin showing teeth

When I was a girl I fеlt love was a building
I marched towards but deadly demonic divorces demolished the ideal
Now with your romantic intelligence, the sensual tenderness
We dissolve old habits and place a glass egg above us floating
In the dark blood red oval void
Our lovemaking avatars in a shell