Barefoot Dancing Testo

Testo Barefoot Dancing

I just can't be lifted up by old love anymore,
The more I'm knocked down the more I'm knocking upon your door,
And it's such a deceiver receiving the same feeling of security,
But really, I've been lonely for a long time,

But it's alright,
It's alright now,
It's alright,
It's alright,
Well I lost my friends and I lost my mind,
That's alright, I never really fitted in line, so to speak,
But it's funny to sit around and wait everyday,
For all the things you need on your plate,

It's alright now,
It's alright baby,
It's alright, its ok,
It's alright,

Dancing barefeet through a dream,
Looks like the best thing you've ever seen,
Won't you stop and talk to me a little while,
Please let it lie,

It's alright now
It's alright,
Don't worry,
It's alright,
It's all I'm trying to say is the same thing every day