Born To Ride Testo

Testo Born To Ride

Ohoooo Yeah
I was born to the outlaw branch of my hillbilly family tree.
4 walls rules and the law naw they never took a liking to me.
Give me a wolf pack howlin on open road yeah livin out on the edge.
This leather and crome ain't coming home till I'm down to my last breath.
Well Fly like a bullet fast and free I'm a rollin stone come roll with me yeah.
I keep on diggin up danger. I keep one sittin in the chamber.
State to state town to town keep your shiny side up and your dirty side down
are ya blacktop hammer down rebels don't stop running with the devil.
Rip it up country wide till the good lord takes me baby I was born to ride.

Sweet momma she prays all day I slow down but heres the deal.
You know I do what I can Mr preacher man but I'm damned to hell on wheels
Give a two lane highway anyday & some redneck rock n roll.
They say 4 wheels may move the body baby but 2 wheels moves the soul
Lead Break
hahaha I was born to ride..............Hammer down
Born to ride..... Oh come on baby
I Was Born to Ride!