Login:Satan Testo

Testo Login:Satan

Cursed, Lost Highway
Leading me astray
Path to revelation
Rapture consecration

Suicidal pulsions agressing me?
Guilty monomania
Social distortion dividing me?
Incoherent voices tearing my I

Death is talking to my veins?
I'll give them your seed again
Pure steal weakens the flesh?
Feed my red desires with pain

Drunk and lost Summoning the dust
We're hiding Far away from God

Abyssal alchemy for the rats
Candles shiver in the grim room
In the shadows we laugh dark
Black twisted fucked up ritual
Echoing soul's distortions
Incarnating black inner vibrations
To open the gates to annihilation
Login : SataN
Tunes in Red
Plug in
Black magic stones in my veins
Connected to the Master's network

Walls are running away
Morbid orgasm fake paradise taste
Dissolve my soul in Inferno
The heavens are losing me again
As an end to the invocation
A wandering point on a helpless arm
Dare my morbid eyes to understand
Injection codename : SataN

Login : SataN
Breathing dead
Leviathan's covenant needs a needle to sign