Saturn Testo

Testo Saturn

All, what has begun, is sentenced to end soon or late
All, what you have planned, is leading to an accident
All, what you have hoped, will deceive with the worst event
All, what you have been running after, is a grave, it's your fate

It's just a question of time

All, the ones you care, will betray you or die
All the ones you have loved, never really loved you
All, of your heroes, and idols, will be totally forgotten
All, is empty there, and you are forever alone in this Cosmos

The Scythe is slicing off lives and deeds
Slowly but surely is coming your turn
The Sixth is sliding in silence and feeds
Your curse! And that is the Law Of Saturn

A painted instantly on Goya's wall
A Trojan in every biological cell
The more you rise, the harder you'll fall
A Law of demise, because under the pall is Hell

Sixth pointed star at His North Pole
The Seal of Solomon
Eye of the Storm at His South Pole
To deal with the Demon

The blackest of the planet

All of your deeds will fade at the horizon
All of your achievements aim for oblivion
All, what you have achieved is miserable and pathetic
All, what you have reached, is a just another step towards death!

It's just a question of time

Nameless horror in space it crawls
Devouring perpetually aeons
The blackest of the plannet withers
As a jigsaw wheel in the others