Dontbenobodysbitch Testo

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Testo Dontbenobodysbitch

In search of something greater
I'm sick and tired of doing fuck niggas favors
I'm sick and tired of chasing down designer labels
So I said "fuck it, imma start up my own label"
Just tryna please you, I just ain't capable
I'm sick and tired of tryna make myself relatable
So please don't ask me why my eyes low
'Cause madafucka i could do this with my eyes closed

How many hits? How many pills do I gotta take to think of a hit?
To be at the top, how much cotton do I gotta pick?
How many M's do I gotta get? Don't make any sense
Ain't that a bitch? Ain't I legit?
Sinse I was a git, fuck with my shit
I was a stubborn kid, I grew up stuttering, hoping that someone on top would discover me
How many publicists do I gotta-?
How many publicists I gotta hire to check all this fuckery? Someone should cover this, I've had enough of this
I can't make up this shit, I am on too many substances
How many streams? How many themes? How many awards? How many rings?
Fuck with these dreams

Who I ride for?
Definitely not no clown-ass niggas, call you sideshows
And we, and we know that your IG be telling lies, ho
I'mma reap the shit that I sow

I find it odd, niggas stay saying "don't wife a thot"
But you wifing thots behind the dignified facade
Your life's in knots, my life might appear more aligned a notch, but I'm on suicidal watch
(Hello? you ever just wanna die a lot)
Well, commence the chords, B.o.B you sound rich and bored
I say we're just a bunch of piles of shit with pores
That spend all day eating, then shit some more
I don't want kids, I'm convinced, I'm sure
Pull out like my dick's a sword
Eight billion people, 90% of them's poor, but fuck it, what's a few more
Let's even get more shit to afford
Seventy summers on [?]
You on, you on, you on my dick
A dog, a dog, a dog only holler when it's hit
That means something I said must got under your skin
Tell me, how real can I get?
I said fuck the feds, the twelve, the cia and apeshit
'Cause they can't do shit

Who I ride for?
Clown-ass niggas, call you sideshows
Your IG be telling lies, ho
I'mma reap the shit that I sow

In search of something greater