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Testo Joburg

You're all dressed up, and nowhere to be
Like beating drums, your heart never sleeps
We've been dancing all night, dancing machine
From the club to the floor, to your limousine
Ooh-ooh-ooh (x8)

[Verse 1]
I love all your nuisances, I love all your nuisances
Forgive me if I'm too honest girl that booty if humongous baby you must do lunges
And up top two congas, girl you rarer than a blue comet
I'ma, keep it a million like two commas
I wanna beat it up like Ali, Muhammad
Girl you're too dope, you're too chronic, you keep it two hundred
Two piece, that's two freaks, that's two gins and two tonics
Who run it, No Genre you dumby
She love the whole crew so she payed the crew homage
Smelling like new money, new money
KL to Joburg we just played a few countries
Get out your seat hit the floor put your groove on it girl