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Testo Playboy Tre Skit

Wussup boy?
What’s going on man?
Hey, what ever happened to you and the ole girl you met at the club the other night man?
Man, you know we good
I know you beat the up boy
Heyo no, man
All that time you invest in her man, you ain’t beat that yet?
I don’t know, man I don’t know man
Man you trippin
Call her right now man, see wussup
Man, yea I shouldn’t be callin her right now, she probly at work
I’mma call her a little, leave her a voicemail right quick
Hello, hey, I know you at work right now
You know but uh, I just wanna leave you a little message, you know
This Tre, by the way
You know, I just wanna let you know
You know, you know a nigga really care about you, you know what I’m sayin
Like I just really care about you
I kinda feel where we’re going and it’s like
You know, we be kickin’ it, we be chillin, you know
We’d be watchin’ movies and stuff together
And it’s like yo I know you remember that one time
It’s like we reached in the popcorn together
You know at the same time and our hands touched
It’s like, you know like, butter was on your fingers
It just felt so smooth
You know, it’s like, you know
I just thought you know I looked at you
Damn the time right, the time gotta be right but then you was like no
And I was like yea, you was like no, I was like damn
You know so I didn’t get it that night
And then you know you hit me and asked me to take yo mama and get her feet done and I was like
Cool I’ll take your mama to get her feet done
I mean they do look kind bad so I’m like cool, I wanna help
You know that right after she got out of the taxi
I took her to get her feet done, I mean she ain’t even shoot a nigga no gas
But you know it’s all good, cuz that’s for you
You know, I do this for you
Cuz uh you know we building
You understand what I’m sayin? We’re like architects, we building
Then we was at the barbecue, you know you had that plate of salad
You know I had to play the real shit
You know we walked pass each other
And your titties kinda burst up against me and like right here
And I was like damn, that tittie just burst up against me
And I was like yea, you was like no
I was like yea, you was like no
I was like maybe, you was like no and I was like fuck
So really baby, all I wanna say is…