Summer's Day Testo

Testo Summer's Day

If money is your God who's your Devil?
If everybody die what make's you special?
I wonder if heaven got a ghetto
And I wonder if it's crowded
Okay now I'm acting childish but hey
Don't force your religion on me
And I won't force my non-religion on you
Truth's the only thing I'm devoted to
So my [?] to you
So Bob your fourth album how does it feel?
Ever wonder why every artist run out on they deal?
The price you pay to sell out record stores
When they say they sell they soul its not a metaphor

I wonder if JFK tried to warn us a storm was around the corner
Most of these law enforcers just force us all in a corner
Then make it harder for the foreigners
Your son your wife and you daughter
And make it hard to support them
I'm just here to inform ya
The power structures enormous
Speaking out on these topics is like swatting a nest of hornets
They come from the left and right
They swarm our bodies like [?]
With chemicals here to harm us
You bust your ass they tax your ass for a portion
That's parasitic behavior
High debating minimum wagers
I dare you mention a pay cut
Like we dare to read the terms and conditions
And they betrayed us
Don't need permission to wake up
Cause silence is your consent for them to consistently rape us
Let's go

Let's go
Let's- Let's go
Let's go
Let's- Let's go
Let's go

My mentality is post apocalyptic
I think in hieroglyphic
We live inside a system thats mostly monolithic
America the company who owns the title?
Shit I don't know it could be Russia or China
Thats why they identify ya as property
Born in the robbery
No Robin Hood
If Satan had a house it'd be in Hollywood
Walking away is the most difficult part
Red carpet is for the ritual start
They know they can't keep me in check
Or keep me asleep with a check
As long as it's good for my chest I'm pressing these niggas to death
I'll never regret
The past that I lived
Or the path that I took
Or the one that I live with every step

Let's go
Let's- Let's go
Let's go
Let's- Let's go
Let's go