Uncomfortable Testo

Testo Uncomfortable

My creator
My creator, my creator, my... creator
My creator, my creator
My creator, my creator, my...creator

My creator said I'mma forever love ya
Through the good and the bad and the ugly
My creator dun't never hold grudges
My creator only one could ever judge me
My creator of conscious was here first
If I'm not conscious the universe was birth
My favorite plant in the dirt
But how that make something illegal that grow up out the earth?

My creator, my creator
Did you ever get the prayers?
A few of us just had a couple questions for ya
A few of us just wanna ask you for a favor

My creator you gon' sit around and watch?
My creator you can make all of this stop
You ever notice for a second we in trouble?
You probably think that we all just a bunch of fuck ups
If you was human, what would be your skin color?
Why you let them take MJ from us?
Why you ain't tell MLK take cover?
My creator I'm really starting to wonder
My creator

My creator, my creator, my creator, my... creator
My creator, my, my creator
My creator, my creator, my... creator

Oh shit, this like the part in The Matrix when he take the red pill and he wake up and go ape shit
They told us we evolved on some ape shit
But I guarantee ya Charles Darwin was a Mason, damn
They like you humans so peculiar
You just appeared after a big bang of gas and started fumin' together to make life
Don't need to think twice
There's nothin' bout you special. You basically sand mites
On this tiny fuckin' speck of dirt called Earth
The only sign of life in the entire Universe
Oh and every star's a billion, trillion miles away
So how the fuck we got a picture of the Milky Way?

My fellow Americans, we have just discovered a new planet
Uhh.. Although we spent dozens and dozens of years researching and billions and billions of tax payers money researching space and exploring space science, we just saw this planet. We overlooked it. It was hiding behind a blackhole or something, I don't know. But.. but, uhh.. here, he- here are the images
Where are the images? You got the images?

So, here, here are the images clearly as you can see
It's about 8 light years away. Uh.. how do we have pictures?
Uh.. We have, we have super fast, we have million mile internet. Faster than anything Earth has seen, but we just use it for to explore space
Uh.. but I tell ya, yanno you can look at these pictures yourself
We got all the planets. Uh.. but theres nothing out there
I mean, HA! I tell ya, there's nothing out there
Yanno we're gonna keep spending money and keep looking
We're gonna keep sending cameras into space
We're gonna keep sending fucking astronauts into space
We're going to keep going out there and keep sending back CGI
Pictures - I mean, cough cough...
We're gonna keep sending back pictures
Just to let you guys know you're alone
You're alone
And you're insignificant creatures
Signing off