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Testo Wrong

[feat. Spodee]

[Hook: B.o.B.]
If you think that I'm out cold
If you think that I'll run
If you think that it's over
You couldn't be more wrong (couldn't be more wrong)
If you think that it's done
If you think that you won
If you think that it's over
You couldn't be more wrong

[Verse 1: B.o.B.]
I think it's funny that they think they got us all beat and defeated
I swear they must be dreaming 'cause they think that we're retreating
Yeah, they be the type, constantly in search for beefing
'Till they see it, then that ass become a vegan
That's why on this beat it's no doubt
Ya'll already know I'm 'bout my flow, muthafuckas say I sold out?
Must be talking about my shows
Matter of fact, anytime that you finna reach for a dream or a goal or for anything
You will have many enemies, look at Jesus and Martin and Lincoln and Kennedy


[Verse 2: B.o.B.]
Yeah, impostors hate the truth because you tell it
So I know when they around, they so jealous, I can smell it
The haters always die, the prestigious never perish
So I'll be never buried
That's why I'm never threatened by these little boys with big toys
They can't aim, it's piss poor, what you holding the clip for?
Put the gun down, get a clipboard
So tell them haters that they better pipe down,
We bring Hell like a red man with a black beard and a pitchfork


[Verse 3: Spodee]
Uh, you totally incorrect if you thought that it was some pressure
With each endeavor I treasure raises my level of pleasure
I'm flabbergasted by fellas, really think that they can see me
I'm saving my special specimens specifically for T.V
Ohhh, what 'till they see me out with a case so straight make a fake hoe hate
Me and Bobby Ray like this, okay, man a plastic surgeon can't fix her face
All these rap niggas shit so gay, and I'm a keep pimping until that bitch locate
My foot in the ass of a prick okay, say you harder than Grand Hustle, bitch, no way