Friendly Fuckin Fire Testo

Testo Friendly Fuckin Fire

I Your life - a living lie Despise you fucking traitor Distort our world with no remorse A jester`s grin upon your face II Insult or to provoke! No reason (but) to create grief. In can`t believe that you`re for real Cause all you trade is rip-off deals! III Bullshitting us Self-serving freak A pat on the back? Retaliate! IV The force that motivates you: Your fear to come off badly. Try to show up to your advantage In comparison with everyone else? V You charge - yet stay unnamed Hide behind faceless visions People like you they love the net Spreading discord and enmity. VI Use a fake name To disarrange So no one knows Just who is who?!? Refrain (2x): WE´LL STOP AT NOTHING STOMP THROUGH YOUR LIES NO "FRIENDLY FIRE" WILL EVER CHANGE OUR MINDS! STOP FIGHTING OURSELVES FRIENDSHIP AND TRUST YOUR HOSTILE DUMBNESS MEETS UNITY AT HEART! Mosh!: FIGHT BACK! - Don't let 'em get to you FIGHT BACK! - Just laugh about their lies FIGHT BACK! - They're green with envy FIGHT BACK! - Fuck these small minded grudges