PopRocks Testo

Testo PopRocks

Like Pop Rocks, I pop y'all
Pull it out my pocket and pop it and knock your block off
Shots like Topgolf
No witness, no cop cars
I pop up like an ad, look around like "Who popped ya?"
Motherfuckers get knocked off
Criss-cross clips got you jumpin' like hopscotch
The world is nothin' but bad news and cancer
Knockin' on the devil's door and I'm the one that answers
I don't do the dialogue, I don't do the banter
SESH just appear, now they shaking with their hands up
Put 'em up, look down when I'm around
One glance into the dead man's eyes will make you drown

Hanging out the sun roof, Glock .9 bustin'
Talkin' what you gon' do, you won't do nothin'
Tape in the deck, DeadBoy bumpin'
BONES rock a mic, now the wholе crowd jumpin'
Better respеct my pimpin', I'm sipping, I'm cold-cuppin'
Ice in my glass and glaciers on my knuckles
Five finger rings, boombox boomin'
Actin' tough, boy, who the fuck you think you foolin'?
I'ma speak my mind 'til I can't no more
My neck on shine and my wrist on froze
Ima speak my mind 'til I can't no more
Hundred blunts later, movin' in slo-mo

'Til I can't no more, yeah
'Til I can't no more
'Til I can't no more