Chicago Testo

Testo Chicago

Everyday that I smoke weed, and reminisce
How I lost my dreams to be a hoop star
But the streets of chi taught me to do more
I got family and friends I gotta do for
So ride wit me through these cold ass street
And you know how the winter get, you better hold heat
We only know muder, we don't know about beef
So.. all that ricker ricker seeis
The streets ain't only talking, but they whispering about we
(what)gotti got a key, and boo got alot of weed
Yall best to believe, either way we gone eat
Representing chi town everytime that we speak
You know my city, my pity, my pain
We all about paper, we ain't worried about fame
And fuck all the haters trying to shit on our name
Boo and Gotti still will rain, and we still matain (MOTHERFUCKER)
Chicago, is the city we will ride for
Is they city we will die for
What you know about rivals
It's all about survival in Chicago
Ima from chi town, rapping is a important you have brains at home
I keep it legendary like Jordan , payton and compon
The street necessary so I never leave them along
Sleep wit the chrome, and eat to yo song ( you creep )
You know my status, I don't gotta go home
And if I don't blow, i'ma sell blow back home
Face it, my life been anything but basic
I come a long way from chopping rocks in the basement
Half of y'all can't make it, wit the shit I was faced with
I done bodied niggaz, left 'em locked in the basement
Now Boo and Gotti wit tigga rocking the basement ( DAMN )
Homie, look it's hustlers , thugs, pimps, all type of around
City of Chicago where you find that white or brown
Don't bring your kids or wife around
Because it's trife around, fuck around and loose your life around
Chiago, is the city we will ride for
Is they city we will die for
What you know about rivals
It's all about survival in Chicago
Peoples it's no lice lords, and no buster
It's more vice lords and four corner corners
Mafia insane, we the mantiana and we insane
But choose the game, and move the caine
Follow the rules, and game
For where for we never loose in gain
"Conservative", "Travlers", "Undertakers", "Ciero Insane"
"UnKnowns", "Latin Kings", "Stones" will remain
"GD's", "BD's" "Breeds" needs the game
I might roll down chicago ave
Blow a bag in the baby blue jag
Hit t's and b's on maddy and plask
Get a fresh fit wit the matching hat
What's matching that
Go to the barber shop
Might blow 10 on crap
We cash money now, cause we got it like that
Don't start acting funny if we don't holla back
We repping yo city what's better then that