Yodle Blues Testo

Testo Yodle Blues

Yodle Blues
Hey all you folks out in radio land
Phantom track from the boss hoss never played it before anywhere
And this is how it goes

Listen to me lady
Want you to know
Got money in my pocket
And fire in my soul
I'm moving to the left
I'm moving to the right
Don't even turn around and do the dosey dole


And if you stop babe
I am getting in the goove
I'm telling y'all people this is the yodle blues

Once you get started
You cannot get enough
Now don't you be ashamed
Let's do it all again


Well folks keep asking what the hell we do
And they think they're way to cool for school
We just say what we do and what we need
It's the yodel blues babe that'll move your feet