Little Q & A Testo

Testo Little Q & A

i've taken what was free and saved it all for me lost in sobriety i try to throw it all away i can't seem to breathe my morning breath terrified of playing dead the sunset watches me instead too tired, to retire. too tired, to retire don't keep me in suspense by laying motionless just treat me like the rest chorus please don't answer my questions now i don't want to know please don't question my answers now wait until tomorrow chorus one more hangover day (warren's song pt. 7) distance you far away from me your daylight's not my cup of tea i can't pretend that i have time to spend my medication takes the pain away i'm sleeping through one more hangover day inside my clouded memory i'm underneath my apple tree chorus give me an antidote for my heart so everyone can have their share everyone can share (3 times) does anyone care 1st verse. chorus