Red Bird Drive Testo

Testo Red Bird Drive

Well I remember my momma sayin',
son get off that phone.
It's ten o'clock at night and you got school tomorrow.
Well I'd hang it up for a minute or two
but when she went bed girl I'd call you again.
We'd talk for hours on end,
about anyone, or anything.
Never knew just what to do to make everything ok.

On that gravel road, paved at the end,
Only me and my folks next to one of my friends.
Made our home,
We tried to mend the broken one.
I learned how to play a six string right,
and my brother began his precious life
and I learned how to live without all the private signs.
down Red Bird Drive.

Well days go on and they seem like years,
We grew a garden, grew with her tears
We were living like we only thought we'd hear about
About when the future came back around,
I moved off course things settled down
Did things we'd only dreamed about.
And now anyone, anything,
could never bring that shovel back,
to the hill where we buried our hat


Oh Baby,
That young boy that stood beside me,
lord knows he's growing tall.
Mom and daddy built their dream house
Lord they'll need it more.
Cuz you dont have to scream from room to room
There's room enough to just be you
Got no ___ rugs and room for much
that he made some room for love