You've Changed Me Testo

Testo You've Changed Me

You've changed the way I dress & the way I wear my hair When I look in the mirror, there's a stranger standing there CHORUS: You've changed me, oh you've changed me & made me someone new Now I've got to find me somebody 'Cause the new person you've made me doesn't love you Maybe you missed another girl, so you tried to make me her But I can't be another girl even though you wish I were (chorus) I've & tried, oh how I tried to be like you want me to & as I changed, so did the love that was in my heart for you For you, for you I tried to make you happy, doing things just the way you showed me You've changed so much about me till my friends, they don't even know me (chorus) Oh you should have left me like I was when you met me I could have loved you more when you should have let me But you're gonna have to do without me Because you've changed everything about me ...& fade