The River Testo

Testo The River

I'm standing on the stage
I'm working in a restaurant
I make a decent wage- and I-
Will sing into the microphone

The river rise up
& flows above the interstate
Beyond the schools and shops-
There's no way to communicate
The water's moving on
Beyond the lies and hypocrites
I'm thinking of a song
I need you to remember it
The forest is alive
It asks us to participate
We lifted up our eyes
To promise and reciprocate

We fell down on our knees
For ev'ry human being--

One sad day I will fly away
And one sad day I will tip toe away


But a change is gonna come
Like Sam Cooke sang in 63
The river sings a song- to me-
On ev'ry St Cecillia's day

So when I was reborn
I went back to the restaurant
The river's moving on- from here-
To sing it's crazy symphony
I'll go home- where you are right in front of me