I'll Always Be There For You Testo

Testo I'll Always Be There For You

(Odie Blackmon/Steve Seskin)

Late night call collect from Arkansas
She said,brother I need your help
She said,there's this boy
And I could tell by the crack in her voice
She was in real trouble and all by herself
She said,I don't want to be a burden
It's not your problem
Maybe I should just hang up
After all we're years apart and not much in common
And we haven't kept in touch

And I said,I may have moved away
And I know that on the day I left
I let you down
But your still my baby sister
So always remember it's by blood we are bound
I may be here but I'll always be there for you

I know it's bad but you gotta tell mom and dad
You don't have to do this all alone
If I leave right now I should be there by morning
And we can tell them together when I get home
We'll talk and pray cry a little
We'll work this thing out
We'll stand beside you try to guide you
That's what family's about
But it's your decision to make
Six months later on a Sunday morning
That baby girl ws born
And we all stood in wonder around the bed
Looking at her in that little pink sleeper
I knew in my heart that she wanted to keep her
But God had a bigger plan instead

A young couple came and I heard my sister say
I just wanna give my child the life that she deserves
We all held hands
Then she handed her to them
And we all cried as she whispered these words

I'll think about you everyday
I'm only giving you away 'cause I can't raise you now
I brought you into this world
You'll always be my little girl
It's my blood that we are bound
I may be here but I'll always be there for you

I may be here but I'll always be there for you