It'll Be Alright Testo

Testo It'll Be Alright

Are you gonna put a candle in the window
So later on when I'm drivin' by
I know I can set my sail where the wind blows
Swing from a star tonight

I know you've been walkin' down another dark road
I can hold your hand real tight
Kickin' back on the corner of a cloud
And baby it'll be alright
I wanna know about the secrets you're keepin'
The ones you swore you would never tell
Know about the hot water you're deep in
Then pull you out of the well

Be the one who's makin' you hungry
Just to feed your appetite
I'm not sayin' that I gotta be the one
But baby it'll be alright

Need to give yourself a little bit of time girl
You don't need to have the answers now
There ain't gotta be a reason or a rhyme girl
That ain't what it's all about

You don't need the perfect disposition
Just to have an alibi
We both know that your heart ain't listenin'
Baby it'll be alright
Yeah baby it'll be alright