9 Testo

Testo 9

Past years are ruminants of my memory
Thanks to my history
How I’ll probably make history, history
Breetoven, Symp 9
I’ve been doing this since age 9
Age 19, finally signed
But think I have more from a decade grind
Will next, decade mind
Move in silence like I do crime
9 months past my due time
Yea, said it’s my due time
20-12, I lost 12
Came from 9, missing 3
KD couldn’t give me that 3
Nobody couldn’t give me that 3
Kickin it with my home girl
Sittin here talkin bout life goes
No, I’m not no Michael
But I started so young, I’m a psycho
I love rap
Hugged her but don’t hug back
Heard her say she hate Bri
‘Cause me think I’m all that, how you does that?
Gonna give mom a Porsche but can’t right now
Everybody sayin what I ain’t right now
To you unbelievers I’mma overachieve you
When I get my money right I won’t need ya
Keep your favors, keep your features
Damn leachers, phony creatures
Built it up with my own hands
Pour boy spend it all on grams
I seen good friends lose big dreams
Small things, dumb shit
See my grind ain’t nothing to mess with
I never wanna be the bad investment
You could go go with symphony, not me
Blocking out the critics through my own thing
Death to the game, middle finger your P
Death to the game, Brianna Simmonds
Bri Carte, Bri James
Put me in the hall of fame
Tyler Perry, Katy Perry
Brianna Perry, I’m like Hale Berry
Outin Perry, 9 truths
Symphony number 9, soundproof
Outin Perry, 9 truths
Symphony number 9, soundproof