Fibcakes (Disaster At Club Felt) Testo

Testo Fibcakes (Disaster At Club Felt)

We have lost all sense of time. The people are running but we just don't mind. What the hell is going on? I've stopped dancing but they keep right on. Backstep then forward, a step to the side, just focus on the stride. They push us aside. Backstep, a step to the side, forward, how's my stride? Now it seems our ballroom technique's alright. The Devil's coming; he's got his dancing shoes. The people all dancing in pseudo-harmony. They all see nobility and focus on his ballad. Behold his beauty; succumb to his grace. Wake up to find that you are lost. The verdict's in. The devil's out tonight. Hold yourself together man. We dance in hell tonight. Pay no mind to all the screaming, just focus on his ballad. Ready, steady, here he comes; to your places one by one. This is how we fall before the sun comes down. One, two, three let's get this party started and play those songs we all love. We're made to follow but it's time to lead. When this song has played out which side will you dare to be on?