I'll Be There Testo

Testo I'll Be There

When you need me,im your man
and when you need my love and soul,you'll be there
I'll be there when you call my name. I'll take away the pain,i'll give you anything. girl i'll be there sunshine away i wont play no games i hope you feel the same.girl i'll be there

I never met a girl quite like you. some that can make me feel brand new. When im down nd out, you kno you pick me up. Girl you make me feel like a million bucks.[Chi-Ching] You plus me equalz L-O-V-E nd that spells love. You the only one that i kiss and hug. You the only one that im thinkin of. You alwayz been real. Never played the part. You treat me like a king nd loved me from the start. Whenever you in trubl3 you aint g0tta be scared. All you gotta do,is kall on ma name,nd i'll be there

I got a thing for who you are.You brightwn up my nights.....juss like the starz. You my rainbow after the rain. The blood in my viens. The medicine that takes away the pain . I couldnt ask for more. Tu eres mi amor[MI AMOR]The love in my life. When the time comes baby,gonna make you my wife. Your all that i want,your all that i need. Never met another that wuld die for m3. Any situation you will ride for me. When ever you in truble you aint gotta be scar3d. Juss kall on my name. nd i'll be there.