Crusin' (Remix) Testo

Testo Crusin' (Remix)

(feat. Latino)

[Royal T]
Another day, I cruise at the beach
Car sitting low, my homey's in the next seat
It's the Royal, rims clean with the top back
Rep for summer with the locs and the baseball hat
Down 805, cuties in the next lane
Trying to draw attention, their number and their name
We didn't get no play we got ignored
But there's too many cuties in the sea to fish for
I pulled up in the spot in the parking lot
Sipping on a 40 at the corner cuz it gets hot
Cutties checking out the cars that we roll
Black candy with the rims with the booms and the gold
Here comes the pigs, turn it down they're getting nearer
Checking out the vatos with the dice in the mirror
But we ain't villains that be stepping out of line
We like going cruising with the cutties in the summertime

[Chorus x2: Bizz]
From the coast to the avenue
Our crew is deep, I thought you knew
Hitting switches in my 64
Baby don't you know
We be rolling

I said trucks rolling by with the boom-booms in em
I sling Sly shirts with the Levi denim
A late night tings in after day time
Vatos looking loco, hynas looking fine
The veterano's got the switches to the side
The truck's full of amps in the back of the g-ride
Everybody's styling, Profile's Low
I'm driving real slow, looks like a big car show
I peep the cutties with the light Brown complection
Gotta bust a U and go the opposite direction
Pina Coloda, room at the Ramada

[Royal T]
Parties at the beach if it gets any hotter
Cholos in bandanas, nobody's down to bang
Let the rags hang, it's a Mexican thang
We ain't villains that be stepping out of line
We like going cruising with the cutties in the summertime

[Chorus x2]

[Royal T]
Cooling by the shore, hynas cooling in the sand
Lotion in their hand with a summertime tan

I said homies kicking back in the shade drinking brew
Have one or two, but they're down to drink a few
Too many drinks when the evening arrive
Pass the keys to the homey, it ain't safe to drink and drive

[Royal T]
Four five burning, sea breeze blowing
Ladies dress sexy, body half showing
Trying to draw attention, Latino had I mentioned
Pack in the glove, don't forget about prevention
When we hit the motel it's almost 1 o'clock
Everything closed so we head to Heidi's Taco Shop
Cutties wanna roll, the lab is where we sent em
Taking em to the room, we did the wild thing with em
But we ain't ones to wine and dine
I'd rather cruise at the beach with the cutties in the summertime

[Chorus till fade]