Ice Cream Paint Job Freestyle Testo

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Testo Ice Cream Paint Job Freestyle

[talking: C-Billz]
C-Billz baby ok, I'm goin in

CHROME paint on da whip lookin like a space ship
Where my countdown cause I'm bout ta blast off
The shyt tha I'm spittin 'll leave ya stinkin like ya last lost
J's on my feet same color as the white sox
What you got to say boy I'm fresha than a crack rock
My flow got a nigga on demand like comcast
So far I bet u could'ntfind it with a compass
The boy C-Billz got bank like chase
Different color diamonds on me you couldn't tell my race
Weak rappers need to cut it, like the hair on my face
Ya know I'm running this game you can't stay at my pace
The gold grill in my mouth got my teeth feeling stupid cold
I got money coming daily, I'm somethin like a human toll

[talking: C-Billz]
Yea man, once again, C-Billz the "teen of g.I."